Pain from impingement or damage to the sciatic nerve can refer to the heel of the foot leading people to think they have plantar fasciitis.

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Pain in the foot may come from the lower back area.

Nerves feeding the lower limb all originate from the lumbar spine just where it attaches to the pelvis. These form a bundle of nerves around the buttock region and is commonly referred to as the sciatic nerve.

Wear and tear, injury and biomechanical problems involving the lower vertebrae, it’s discs, hip or muscles and fascia around this area, can result in entrapment or irritation of the sciatic nerve and is collectively given the diagnosis of sciatica.

Pain may not always be felt in the lower back, indeed, the worse the impingement or irritation, the further down the limb it can be felt.  This will usually be where a particular nerve terminates.

Referred sciatic nerve pain is most commonly felt at four points; behind the top of the thigh, in the knee, around the middle to outside area of the calf and under the foot.

It is this foot pain that is often mistaken for plantar fasciitis as it’s symptoms can be very similar; increased tenderness under the heel area in the mornings which can worsen with standing or walking.

A skilled practitioner can readily identify the cause of the problem and treat accordingly.

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