Trigger Point Therapy Kit

This special kit is designed to act upon trigger points responsible for plantar fasciitis or lower limb pain.

Trigger points are thought to be “knots” in soft tissue which can refer pain to other related areas.  Practitioners who specialise in musculoskeletalTP Plantar Fasciitis Kit treatments often use these trigger points to diminish pain and promote healing.

There are many theories surrounding why and how these sensitive points in muscle tissue appear and how they behave, but the fact remains, that applying specific pressure to these points does seem to help alleviate many conditions, and plantar fasciitis seems to respond well, especially in the early stages.

This new trigger point therapy kit has been designed to allow the patient to self treat.

Eliminate troublesome and debilitating foot pain on your own with the simple and proven TP Therapy tools. The TP Plantar Fasciitis Kit is an at home remedy or self therapy for plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, morton’s neuroma, hammer toe, heel pain, heel spurs, and other types of foot pain.

The kit comes complete with The Total Treatment instructional DVD including all of the instruction you need to cure plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinits, and other foot pain.

You can purchase this kit via our secure online affiliate store.

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