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Maureen Flett,  Clinical Director of the Sport and Performing Arts Injury Clinic is a specialist in biomechanics and gait analysis and has treated many patients with Plantar Fasciitis.

Why Policemans’ Foot?

Policemans’ Foot is the most commonly used term for Plantar Fasciitis, thought to originate from the fact that this painful condition affects many people who spent long hours standing or walking.

Research and news

Like many areas of medicine, the science behind causes and symptoms of conditions is never ending.  Research and technology brings new insight into the way our body responds to everyday life and injury.  One of the latest findings shows us that Plantar fasciitis is not the inflammatory condition it was once thought to be and the outcomes of these findings obviously has a great impact on the way such conditions are treated.

Apart from general information about the causes and symptoms of foot pain, we will try to bring you news of latest research and developments in treatment.